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888 calling card Phone Card Detail

888 calling card

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normal price $10 --> Our Price $8.88
normal price $50 --> Our Price $44.29 HOT PRICE !
Out of stock

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Usage instruction

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888 Phone Card

[Usage Instruction]  [Calling Card Description & Terms]

888 Phone Card Usage Instruction
Step 1: Dial Local access number
NO surcharge 1300 number, use it from anywhere in australia
Mandarin: 1300 734 121
Cantonese: 1300 658 123
English: 1300 793 453

Please Notice : If you Buy this card after19th of august 2008, Please use this New Access Number:
New Access Number
Mandarin: 1300 788 852
Cantonese: 1300 788 892
English: 1300 735 876


Step 2: Enter your  pin number

Step 3:  To make International call, dial 0011 + country code + area code + phone number

For "Follow on call" dial ##


888 Phone card Highlight
  • Easy to use 1300 access number for Chinese and English language prompts and no 1300 surcharge - use it anywhere!
  • 0.8c per min. - China (Included Mobile)
  • 0.8c per min. - Hong Kong (Included Mobile)
  • 8c per min. - Peru landline only
  • 9.8c per min. - Indonesia landline
  • 2.8c per min. - South Korea landline only
  • 1.8c per min. - Japan landline only
  • 3.5c per min. - New Zealand landline only
  • 24.8c per min. - Philippines (Included Mobile)
Connection Fee  No Connection fee
Customer Service More Information please call  1300 132 164 (Office Hours:Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Sydney time)
Rates Effective Rates correct as 11th June 2009
Phone Card Terms and Conditions
  • Local call charge apply using above local access numbers (Local call or mobile phone charge may applies).
  • Phone card Rates are subject to change without notice. GST based on local access dialing.
  • All call charges rounded up to next five cents
  • All calls incur a sixty cents surcharge after one minute
  • Calls are charged in blocks of one minute then subsequent four minute periods
  • Not responsible for lost, stolen and unauthorized use. No cash refunds.
  • Calls to Satellite mobiles, mobiles & special number are charged at higher rates.
  • Calls originating from mobile phones may be charged by the mobile phone carrier.Rates shown in $AUS per minute, GST inclusive.
  • Hotels may impose additional fees and charges. Full Terms and conditions apply.
  • Contact customer support 1300 132 164 for updated rates suject and full terms and conditions used information.



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